Welcome to Salus Prime, LLC. We chose the name Salus because it means safe, or salvation. It was an easy choice for a company that was founded on Biblical principles. We are a company committed to making organic products that are truly safe to use, both when consumed and when put on your body externally. For us, organic choices, being natural, and striving for purity, are a way of life. We hope that by using our products and being a part of our company, you can enhance and enrich your life on many levels. This not only applies to health and nutrition. People that join our company also have the privilege to earn a significant income potential. In addition, people have a chance at earning one of our generous complimentary land vacations or complimentary cruise vacations as travel incentives, that we offer our members only.

Salus Prime, LLC creates products using all-natural, organic, raw, wild, sprouted, and fermented ingredients, engaging in sustainable and environmentally sound practices at every step of the way. We use only the purest natural ingredients in our products which are all Free of: GMO, Gluten, artificial colors-flavors-sweeteners and fillers. We believe that natural and organic products help to enhance one’s health as well as improve longevity, in addition to helping the planet maintain balance and preserve the integrity of its ecosystems.

We avoid synthetic chemicals of all kinds in our products, in addition to synthetic fragrances. Too many people are bothered by perfumes so we make every effort to remove strong smells from our products.

We use a proprietary process we’ve developed, called the Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process. This process allows our products to be more effective because it activates the nutrients at the molecular level to maximize absorption by living cells. The Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process is exclusive to Salus Prime, LLC and our health products.

Please, come join Salus Prime, LLC.

Where increasing personal Nutrition, Wealth, and Travel occur simultaneously, as you help others achieve their goals!!!