Being Green

A “Green” business strives to have a positive impact on both the environment and community. Practices must go beyond simple regulation to demonstrate a consistent commitment to a healthy and sustainable future. A Green business adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers and leaders, as well.

We use ingredients that are organic, natural, raw, wild-crafted (from the rain forest), sprouted and fermented, wholesome, and free of chemicals. Green thinking is an essential part of our company culture; it’s a way of life for Salus Prime, LLC.

All of Salus Prime’s products are environmentally friendly. Commitment to quality and purity goes far beyond modern industry trends, resting at the core of what we truly represent and support. Our products are as pure as they can be, period.

Salus Prime, LLC:


  • Uses no ephedra, stimulants, or caffeine
  • Uses no artificial sweeteners or dyes
  • Uses virgin grown flax, organic aloe, and herbs of the highest quality
  • Uses fruit rind which contains considerable amounts of mineral and vitamins but is normally discarded
  • Uses guava and other fruit sweeteners
  • Uses only natural colors, flavors and fragrances
  • Produces products that are GMO and Gluten FREE
  • Purchases from Green companies who also support a Healthy Green America
  • Uses no artificial preservatives, only Vitamin C and natural preservatives and ingredients in our skin care products, so they should be used within 30 days of the designated time frame

Salus Prime, LLC believes that success today rests on not only maintaining a healthy bottom line, but in creating sustainable ABUNDANCE, that will last beyond today and tomorrow, into the future. Creating wealth in ways that does not damage the Earth in the process, is key in the creation of abundance, as well as consuming products that do not pollute. Taking all aspects of healthy living into consideration, including nutritional, environmental, financial, and spiritual, is what we at Salus Prime LLC embrace. This is what we are striving to promote with our products, our prosperity plan, and our company’s vision.

Salus Prime:

  • Encourages energy consciousness and recycling and helps enable others to go Green
  • Believes that it is important for all of us to come together in ethical support of our Earth and each other
  • Believes that businesses have a responsibility to be environmentally proactive
  • Strives to use energy resources responsibly
  • Never uses animals for testing, research or development of our products

Salus Prime is all about Green and sustainability. We must go Green for the sake of our health and our loved ones. Join Salus Prime for you future!

And last but certainly not least; Salus Prime supports  St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We feel this organization is one of the most worthy causes in the world. They do not charge any one for providing the best treatment and accommodations to the patient’s and their families in the world. They receive no Government funds to help support them, so we hope to help fill in the gap.

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