Business Launch Basic Package

Own your own business for only $49.95  plus $7.95 s/h 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Salus Prime, LLC, Wellness Adviser. Getting started on the road to Financial Freedom is quick and easy. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon own your own business. You will then have the option to participate in a variety of one or all of our many income streams. You will also receive the following privileges and benefits including a 3 piece set of our trial size Amanda Archer skincare. Everyone has to sign up and register to become a Wellness Adviser.
Part of our support brings you the best Leaders. Their goal is to support you! Our Leaders have your back. They will help you build a fantastic successful business. They are on staff and do not build a personal down-line. So please take this advantage and learn from the best, take hold of their coat tail and hang on for the ride of your life. We promise they will set you down on solid safe successful ground.
Take advantage of this opportunity that brings to you tools to help you optimize your health, the health of others and improve your financial future? Salus Prime realizes the hardship that this economy has had on individuals and Salus Prime wants to give everyone, regardless of their current financial situation, an equal opportunity for increased income.

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Your Benefit Package!
A company where all profits are paid on the gross dollar!
Products: 3 piece set of our trial size Amanda Archer skincare
  1. Basic nutritional training
  2. *Down-line commissions: Corporate pays 44% payout on levels 1 through 7 with a unheard of 16% paid on the 7th level (view the Prosperity Plan) Corporate does not pay on: this Benefit Package, Annual Renewal, and on the Diamond Founder we pay out a full 50%. 
  3. Once a Wellness Adviser has met their Monthly Qualification (view the Prosperity Plan) they can then purchase any consumable product at a 30% discount.  See the case discount tab for more information.
  4. Once a Wellness Adviser is earning $2,500.00 in any month they will have the option to receive their pay in Gold. (View the Prosperity Plan) 
  5. Wellness Advisers can apply to purchase one case of each product at a time through credit card or using Pay Pal.  Pay Pal credit is also available: receive 0% interest through PayPal when paid off in full within 6 months. Wellness Advisers can purchase unlimited cases one case at a time as long as they have met their Monthly Qualification for that month and signed off on a 70% form saying they sold 70% of their last case purchased.      
  6. Infinity company down-line gross sales profit sharing pools-up to 10% total company sales (view the Prosperity Plan)
  7. Receive 3 months FREE Replicated Website and Real Time Back Office, thereafter only $20.00/ month administrative cost. Your 3 months will not begin till you receive your replicated site and your Real time Back Office
  8. Online marketing materials, videos, and training.
  9. Opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur
  10. Once you have signed up as a Wellness Adviser you will receive a 3 day complementary Vacation with Airfare
  11. Important: Wellness Advisers that sign up and remain on auto-ship and pay their yearly Annual Renewal will receive a different vacation each year. 

Vacation Bonus:

  • We are pleased to offer a vacation opportunity as a bonus for signing up with this opportunity. If you are curious, we are partners with a Travel Agency and these are promotional Vacations
  • This vacation is for two adults 21 years of age or older
  • Good for three days in a three to four star resort/hotel plus two round trip airline tickets from any participating Major Airport in the 48 contiguous United States
  • Once you receive your certificate you will have 30 days to register
  • You will pay a one time $50.00 registration fee, the office is open for registration Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. You will not have any other financial obligation till you actually make your vacation arrangements  
  • When you call to make your vacation arrangement’s you will be responsible for a  payment of $199.00 per person to cover taxes, fees, etc. required by the hotel or airlines. Keep in mind holidays, weekends and special events may have limited availability. Wellness Advisers are responsible for all expenses such as food, gratuities, and etc. 


This vacation is based on promotions,: example, with empty rooms or suites and empty airline seats meaning you may or may not sit beside one another on the airline. Wellness Advisers will have up to 12 months to complete and return from your vacation. This offer is only good for Continental United States Citizens and up-grades, meaning other adults, children, tickets to events and other upgrades and expanding your vacation may be available upon request at additional cost. Only one vacation with airfare plus hotel per household every 12 months. This vacation is null and void where prohibited by law. The terms of this vacation are subject to change without notice. Should this ever happen corporate will provide you with one of the same or better value. At time this Vacation includes Las Vegas NV, Orlando FL and New Orleans LA.
This vacation may value between $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 even up to $5,000.00 depending on the location, time of year and where you choose to go etc.
You are responsible for all expenses such as food, gratuities, and etc.
Enjoy! Please send Corporate copies of your pictures and videos. We may use them on the Corporate web site.
Yes you can purchase product without being a Wellness Adviser, however it is retail price and may be purchased only through a Wellness Adviser.
We have done the work for you, now all you have to do is share it with others.
Annual Renewal Fee: Wellness Advisers will pay a $49.95 renewal fee (they will receive a product of that value or more) within one year of signing up to continue on the road to success being a Wellness Adviser.


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