Leadership-Sponsorship Challenge

Do you want to jump in and share this great opportunity with everyone? Then we have some incentives.
A. Personal Achievement:

All Enrichment Advisers who sponsor seven (7) other Enrichment Advisers at the Associate Membership for $299.95 or at the Advanced Membership level for $499.95 on Auto-ship in their first 60 days, you the sponsor, will receive a $500.00 bonus check for the Associate Members and/or $1,000 for the Advanced Level memberships sponsored.

The bonus check and a complementary luxury vacation to Mexico are given, provided the sponsor and each of their seven (7) new Enrichment Advisers comes in at the Associate or Advanced Membership and each of them have met their Monthly Qualification for that month.


All Enrichment Advisers will receive a $1.000.00 cash bonus when they hold a meeting of at least 50 (they can offer every person that comes to the meeting a  complementary 6 day vacation within the United States) and they sign up 30 Enrichment Advisers as Advanced Members or 50 as Associate Members on Auto-ship from that meeting during the next 60 days. The $1.000.00 will be received within 14 business days of earning.

If you would like a Leader to Host a live Internet meeting for you then please make that request by emailing salusprime@gmail.com. A Corporate Leader will contact you soon thereafter.

Corporate Leaders do not build a personal down line they build corporate. Our Leaders are there to help you become successful.
They are there for you, they have your back, now and always.