Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process


An ionic mineral is defined as a mineral that has a positive or negative charge; when surrounded by water, it will conduct electricity. This ionic state enhances the mineral’s ability to bind readily with water and makes it possible for the body to better absorb it, greatly improving the efficiency of that mineral.

Many of the compounds we use from organic sources will have an aroma that occurs naturally. The charge, positive or negative is one of the reasons you can smell them. They bind with olfactory sensors to produce a particular scent. However there are many people who are hyper sensitive to aromas, even natural ones. Plus when you combine natural oils and essence the combination of smells can become too chaotic. Our Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process is used to remove or at least reduce the smells associated with our ingredients.

All of our skin care products and future products are run through this Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process multiple times to remove smells and to enhance the efficacy of the ingredients themselves.

Typically over 90% of regular vitamins and minerals are not absorbed by your body. When our nutrition products are available, they will be processed through our proprietary system, the Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process. Your body will receive the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals found here at Salus Prime the ionic way!

Micro Magnetic is a phrase that describes the electrical field of the human body. Here at Salus Prime, we have found a way to remove the undesired ionic character or harmful metals from our minerals with a proprietary invention which works with ions to enhance the body’s micro-magnetic field. We call it the Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process. This invention increases the energy field and other attributes of our products, overriding the effects of otherwise harmful materials.

This “Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process” is exclusive to Salus Prime.


Salus PrimeTM, its staff, employees, leaders, owners, and founders, as well as the contents of product literature, make no medical claims or imply no medical advice concerning health, cures, and healing. As with any nutritional supplement, we suggest you see your physician before using these or any other nutritional products.

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