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Thank you for your interest in signing up at one of our Membership positions and becoming an Enrichment Adviser and part of the Salus Prime family.

Money Back Guarantee 

We offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. Multi Level Marketing companies normally offer a 3 day money back guarantee since that is what the law requires. We want to give you a full week to read over everything to make sure you feel comfortable taking this journey with us. Please read our: Policies and Procedures. (These were written by Attorney Jeff Babner & Associates.  Babener & Associates advises Multilevel Marketing companies on a range of legal matters and serve as an important & informed resource on direct selling industry.)

Our Policies and Procedures are a little long however they are written to protect both the company and the Enrichment Adviser. We hope you are as excited about joining our family as we are to have you on board with us.

It is full speed ahead no looking back!

Financial Freedom

When you join Salus Prime with the Associate Membership option you are not going to become rich overnight. This is not an overnight get rich quick scheme, however you will have the opportunity to earn financial freedom and work hard to gain your wealth. The final results are up to you, you set the bar for your income. You may ask: “Is it really possible to become financially free or even wealthy beyond your wildest dreams?” Yes it absolutely is! You design and then challenge your own goals to reach for the lifestyle of your dreams. There have been many millionaires created through Multilevel Marketing. You ask any one of those millionaires how they achieved their wealth and they will tell you through sacrifice, extremely hard work, long days and sweat and tears.

Wealth does not come easy, meaning you cannot sit back and relax in the early stages of a new career and expect to become an Entrepreneur. Wealth comes to those that are willing to make the sacrifice and it is usually different for each person.

We are here to support you, whether you want to meet your monthly bills and live a comfortable life or have a passionate desire to set your goals high for the life of luxury and freedom. Then to achieve your goals you must be willing to work hard. Goals in life are many times different and may mean a dream family vacation, a million dollar home, travel around the world, a yacht or that second vacation home you have always dreamed about.

Join Us Today

We offer you several different Memberships to become an Enrichment Adviser. Please choose one of the following Membership options to suit your needs and situation. We offer anyone who wants to join FREE the option to do so, we do not want any one left behind because of financial difficulties. 

To become a new Enrichment Adviser you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 years of age and desire to become a young Entrepreneur that is possible. However you must work under the supervision of your parent or parents till you reach the legal age to work. Your parents must sign one of our membership options and you would work under them till you reach the proper age to work. Your parents must fill out, sign and date our “Parents Guardianship of Responsibility” a legal form designed by corporate for anyone under 18 years of age which will be in effect till you reach the age of 18. The parent is responsible to follow all Local, State or Federal laws. This is one more way we can acknowledge and support young Entrepreneurs in Salus Prime.

We provide 3 Membership Options

Please choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and income:

1.) Free Launch
2.) Associate Membership (this page)
3.) Advanced Membership

Associate Membership:

At Salus Prime, once you have joined at the Associate  Membership level we welcome you as an Enrichment Adviser where you will have the privilege to sponsor other Associate Memberships and for each one you personally sponsor you will receive $90.00. To be paid within 1 to 2 weeks.

Notice: Once you have personally sponsored 3 Advanced Memberships you will begin to earn $150.00 on each Advanced Membership you personally sponsor. To be paid within 1 to 2 weeks. Until you have personally sponsored 3 Advanced Memberships the $150.00 is paid to your sponsor. You may want to check out our Advanced Membership before becoming a Associate Member.

According to Multi Level Marketing Laws you are paid on the consumable products, you are not paid on the opportunity or the vacations. Enrichment Advisers receive a 30% discount as members. To receive this discount you will need to visit your members area. Once you have signed up in one of our 3 Memberships and have become an Enrichment Adviser you will have access to the members area.

Associate Membership provides several bonuses below and you start earning residuals immediately by receiving your commissions on levels 1 through 7 as earned. Your Associate Membership comes with the materials, incentives, sales aids, educational, business materials, which are found in the Members area of the web site. We will be adding new business materials, videos and much more so please check your Members area often. You will also receive notifications of additions from corporate.

Associate Membership System!

Our Associate Membership comes with our 4 piece 12 in 1 Organic Silver Aspen Skincare System and 1 wonderful vacation.

1– 2 oz. Pure Cleanser & Exfoliate
1– 1 oz. Pure Hydration
1– 1 oz. Pure Nutrition
1 – 2 oz. Pure Radiance
1 – 3 Day Vacation for 2 with airfare

NOTE: We do not allow anyone to sell, barter, transfer or trade our vacations.

Free bonus products:

As our way of saying “Thank You” you will receive, in addition to the 4 piece set listed above:

1– 2 oz. Pure Cleanser & Exfoliate
1– 1 oz. Pure Hydration
1– 1 oz. Pure Nutrition
1– 2 oz. Pure Radiance

These free consumable products are yours to use as you see fit (vacations excluded, see below). We want to give you the perfect opportunity to show your customers the luxurious feel and benefits of the Silver Aspen skin care system. With these products you can provide your potential customers with, up to 30 free facials. If you were going to a luxury spa to receive this facial it would cost you a minimum of $150.00 to $180.00 per facial.

Benefits of becoming an Associate Member: 

a.) You start drawing commissions on all levels 1 through 7 immediately.

b.) Once you have become an active Enrichment Adviser you may order from the members area with a savings of 30% on all personal consumable products.

c.) Enrichment Advisers earn commissions each month they have met their Monthly Qualification and qualify. Therefore he/she may want to take advantage of our Auto Ship program to be certain an Enrichment Adviser earns commissions each month. This is NOT a requirement, however, it is an option we have provided for each Enrichment Adviser to guarantee you receive your commission checks each and every month.

d.) Enrichment Advisers do not need to have a certain dollar volume within their organization or have sponsored a certain amount of people to start earning their commissions.

e.) This is our 5 starPlace your spouse on your 7th level and receive the privilege to double or maybe even triple your household income between you and your spouse by earning 14 levels deep as a couple! 

f.) Once an active Enrichment Adviser is earning $2,500.00 in any month they will have the option to receive all or part of their pay in Gold. (View the Prosperity Plan)

g.) Replicated website and Real Time Back Office for the 1st 90 days FREE, thereafter only $20.00 per $5,000 in earnings per month.

h.) Online marketing materials, videos, and training.

I.) Opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

 j.) Active Enrichment Advisers will have access to other incentives and bonuses as may be offered by corporate (View the Prosperity Plan).

 k.) We offer our Active Enrichment Advisers the privilege to earn a Family Health Insurance policy based on the insurance company accepting that member of the household. Corporates’ responsibility is to pay for your monthly policy! Should you already have a policy we will pick up your policy payment based on qualification.

 Notice: these Benefits are based on you total organizations unlimited depth and unlimited width as earned please see the Prosperity Plan.

Additional Incentives:

Family Insurance (View the Prosperity Plan)

Tesla S or Tesla X (see the Prosperity Plan and Tesla page)

Our charity: St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

St. Jude’s Children Hospital puts helping people first, they receive no help from the government, and take extremely good care of all the families they help not only with the actual medical expenses but with every expense they have; travel, hotel, meals and much more. We have chosen this as our LOVE charity! So for every purchase you make a are helping those beautiful children and their families.


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